Jan 20, 2011

cara install background

entry kali ini berkaitan tentang cara nak install background
aku post pun sebab kawan aku  bertanya macam mana nak wat header kite tu berada di tengah-tengah
apa yang akan aku letak ni aku cume copy and paste dari laman blog lain...
just sharing ilmu...

  • WITH THE NEW BLOGGER TEMPLATES [using Blogger's Template Designer]: "Picture Window" (blue square) or "Awesome Inc" or "Travel" . (the background code DOES NOT go in your HTML template code).

  • WITH THE OLD BLOGGER TEMPLATES (launched 2006): You can still find"Minima White" if you go to your "Design" TAB > "Edit HTML" > scroll down to "Old Templates" > "Select Layout Template" > "Minima White".

  1. Choose a background.
  2. Copy all of the Background's code.
  3. Go to your "Design" TAB. (not the "Template Designer"- if you're in the TD, hit the "back to Blogger" button (in the top right corner) and you'll return to your Blogger Dashboard "Add and Arrange Page Elements" area on the "Design" tab which is where you can add your cute and fun FREE background from this site (and add headers and other gadgets)
  4. Click "Page Elements".
  5. Click "Add a Gadget".
  6. Choose to add an "HTML/Javascript" gadget.
  7. Paste your Dotty Dot Dot background code in that dialogue box.
  8. After you save it, you may move that box wherever you like in your Layout tab (even to the bottom) - and it should be easy to remove by clicking "edit" on the gadget box containing the code.
  9. Ta-Da! You have a new background!
*** AGAIN, let me reiterate that the background should be installed as a gadget under "Layout" > "Add a Gadget" > "HTML/JavaScript". It SHOULD NOT not affect any of the other widgets, and it should be easily removable. My backgrounds sit on top of an existing template (they work best with "Minima White" ---> "Picture Window" (blue square) or"Awesome Inc"). If you've inserted my background code into your template code you may have to reset your template and start from square one. ***

(If the pictures appear fuzzy on this page, it's because I compressed them in these blog posts. It will not be fuzzy when you add it to your site.)

Some of the backgrounds have matching Headers (if they do, you'll see them right there in the same post body). Here's how to use them:

  1. Click on the Header to get it Full-Sized in a new window.
  2. Right Click on the Picture.
  3. Save it to Your Computer.
  4. Use a picture editing program (like Photoshop) to add your personal touch.
  5. In Layout, click "Edit" in the "Configure Header" Box. (At the top..under the Navbar, above all the other boxes).
  6. Unclick "shrink to fit" when uploading a "stylized header" (they are .PNG). The rectangle headers (.JPG) may be shrunk to fit just fine, if needed.
  7. Upload the Header!

The headers are different sizes for 2-Column and 3-Column layouts

  • 2-Column Headers are 660px wide
  • 3-Column Headers are 940px wide


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